Essentials you should never travel without

Even though you’re travelling with Contore Tours, and we take all the stress and hassle out of travelling, the last few days before your trip can be hectic. It’s easy to forget the essentials, so we have a nifty list for you.

Contore Tours approved list of essentials:

    • Hats and sunglasses – protect your eyes and face as much as possible.
    • Swimwear – even if you don’t go to a beach, your hotel might have a swimming pool.
    • Earplugs, a sleep-mask and a travel pillow – sleep is just as important on holiday. Look fresh and feel well-rested to make the best of your trip.
    • Shoes… that can get wet – the weather can be unpredictable, and nobody likes wet toes.
    • Umbrella – make sure it is a travel-size umbrella that can fit into your backpack with ease.
    • Thin rain jacket or plastic travel poncho that you keep in your backpack – sometimes the rain slants, and an umbrella won’t be enough. Trust us, we know.
    • Power-banks and chargers for all your devices.
    • Water bottle or travel mug – see our Travel Hacks to Make Your Trip a Breeze.
    • Tissues – whether you need it for your nose, eyes or hands, it’s always a must.
    • Toiletry bag – its really expensive to replace all these items in a foreign country. If your liquids are in your hand-luggage, remember to make sure they are in 100ml bottles and that everything is packed in a clear ziplock bag or a clear toiletry bag. Keep anything in bigger bottles in your checked luggage.
    • Super Glue and a few safety pins – don’t leave yourself hanging in an awkward situation, you never know what might tear or break.
    • Small lock – don’t let your holiday be spoiled by pickpockets, whether this lock is for your main luggage or your backpack.
    • A folder to keep important documents together in your hand luggage:

    -your passport and/or a copy thereof,
    flight tickets,
    -health and travel insurance documents,
    emergency numbers and important addresses,
    scripts for prescription medication, and
    -extra cash.

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