Croatia has only recently become a popular tourist destination, but boasts historic cities, idyllic natural wonders and exceptional wine.
This small country is full of thick green forests, picturesque lakes, snow-capped mountains, warm seashores and welcoming people.
Indonesia has more than 17 000 islands within its territory and each has its own diverse charm, with tropical forests, pristine beaches, great diving spots.
Greece is the land of idyllic beaches and ancient ruins, the birthplace of poetry and art and home to a people of unparalleled hospitality.
This little slice of North Africa was made to be travelled – from cities filled with chaotic souks, to the Saharan dunes that offer absolute tranquillity.
With its rich history and spectacular scenery, Germany has much more to offer than beer and pretzels (although we love those too).
Switzerland has the Swiss Alps, Swiss chocolate and Swiss transportation, all things that make this country beautiful, delicious and easy to travel.
All roads lead to Rome because it is a destination worth reaching. In fact, all of Italy is a worthy destination for any traveller, from historic sites to great food.
This incredibly diverse country offers hip, energetic cities and laid-back towns, millennia of history as well as incredible beaches on the Mediterranean.